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How to make a cartoonish explainer video?

Let’s say, you want to produce online presentation or explainer video:

How to make a cartoonish explainer video?


Here is the list of steps you will need to take to produce this type of professional animation:

1. Script writing.

2. Storyboard writing.

3. Making the voice-over.

4. Animation draft.

5. Adding music and sound fx to the video.


Script writing is very important thing 

If your message doesn’t inspire your potential customer to make the next step – the video won’t sell.


The key thing:  you have just 11,5 seconds to grab the attention of your viewers. If you don’t do it – most likely the majority of people will ignore your video.


Storyboard development.


The main purpose of a storyboard is to provide a detailed description of a task for a cartoonist and animator.




Here is a list of requirements to the images themselves:

• preferably “ai” format, but “psd” also works;

• all elements of the pictures should be drawn in separate layers

• all the layers should be grouped;

• each layer group should have a name, so that you could quickly find how to “cut” any part of the picture;

• if you have characters on a picture – they should be divided into separate layers (layouts) like this:




The main purpose of a good voice-over is bringing to life your perfect script.


OK, now you have great illustrations and perfect voice-over. How to put all those things together?

Hire an experienced  animator  to do that.

Let me tell you something: professional animation is very time-consuming. It takes over 500 hours of effective practice to reach an acceptable level of required skills. 


Explainer video is a great web marketing tool to attract maximum audience, increase sales and generate a phenomenal viral buzz. 


Want to get your very own explainer video? 

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